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Waterfront Home Improvement

Prince Frederick, MD

Porch Addition-Prince Frederick MD

This home addition project is located on waterfront property, with a beautiful view of Battle Creek, in Prince Frederick, Maryland. The homeowners needed more space to accommodate large family gatherings on weekends.

What they had in mind was to remove the existing deck and add 8’ to the rear of the house. We did indeed do just that. But before we could get started, we needed to jack up the house and replace the rear basement wooden wall. Over the years, weather had taken its toll and rotted out the sill plates and support beams which carried the first floor.

Once we established a new rear wall we were able to start on the addition. This house is a Deck Home which has exposed cedar beams, tongue and groove cedar ceilings, and a wide open living space. The house was built in 1970 and there was only one company I found, in Acton, Maine, that had the materials I needed to match the existing. Come to find out this company, Acorn Deck Homes, sold this package to the original homeowner ... what a blessing that we were able to match all the original exposed cedar beams, tongue and groove cedar ceilings, as well as, the cedar siding. All material was shipped in from Maine.

In order to start the project, we had to remove the entire first floor rear wall and span a steel beam 28 feet. to create a new living room space. Once it was in place, we were able to build the addition matching all the existing wood finishes inside and out and we finished on time for the opening of their summer home in spring of this year, 2015.

Judy and Al were great to work with and we had a great time building their addition while enjoying the water view.

Waterfront Home Addition-Prince Frederick
   Before: exterior view

Waterfront View from Home Addition
   After: water view from addition