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How to Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

Couple Planning Home Improvement BudgetOne of the most dramatic ways to give your kitchen a new look is to replace dated and worn cabinets and countertops.

If you’re not ready to update your kitchen with new cabinets and countertops, here’s a handy tip for for removing grease from your kitchen cabinets. Removing grease from cabinet surfaces should help freshen-up your kitchen.

Avoid using harsh cleaners by:

  1. • Heating a damp sponge in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds.

  2. • To avoid burning your hands, be sure to wear rubber gloves when using the hot sponge to remove the grease.

  3. • Spray the cabinet with a citrus based cleaner (citrus works as a grease cutter).

  4. • Wipe off any remaining residue with a paper towel.

Combining citrus cleaner with a hot sponge will quickly remove the grease resulting in a squeaky clean cabinet surface.

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