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Tips for Scheduling Your Home Improvement Project


Home Improvement Project FinancingHave you wondered when to plan your home improvement project?

Spring and summer in Southern Maryland might be the logical choice because it’s warmer weather and better conditions for outside work, but there may be other things to consider. 

Supply & Demand is About Cost of Materials & Availability of Home Improvement Contractors

Supply and demand could affect what we pay for most all that we purchase. The cost of building materials … windows, doors, paint, lumber, cement, etc. can vary during the year. Another consideration is how many remodeling contractors serve Southern Maryland and what is their availability?

Plan your project well in advance so that you can schedule a contractor and the materials can be purchased in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Busy Times & the Season for Contractors

Contractors have a busy season. If you’re thinking of hiring a home improvement contractor during the off-season, you might think about the project and how the weather will affect its completion. If your goal is to have your basement remodeled, then off-season can be a good time to start the project. However, if you would like to add a room addition, cold and wet weather could adversely affect and delay completion of the project.

Consider scheduling your project a month or two before or after others are calling remodeling contractors to schedule their projects. For example, if you are adding a deck so that you can enjoy the outdoors in spring, summer, and fall, winter might be a good time to schedule the design/build.

We advise that your remodeling project get scheduled after the project has been thoroughly planned and you have established a budget. If you’re ready for us to review your plans, contact us for a free consultation.